It’s now or never for the NQ…

It’s now or never for the Nasdaq 100 futures market (NQ), as it’s fulfilled the down Fibonacci and looks to make a U-turn toward a nearly 7,000 tick bullish rally!

This opportunity is pretty straightforward: we’re waiting for the market to enter into the buy zone. Once we see the price push through the counter trendline in the one-hour timeframe chart, we’ll plan our entry as the market begins to rally.

Remember: we use the one-hour timeframe analysis to plan our entry into a market. It allows us to see when the price has entered into the buy zone to help prevent us from buying while the price is still moving down.

If the U-turn is going to happen in the NQ, it’s going to happen soon. Let’s take a look at the timeframe charts to get a better idea of what’s happening…

Daily Timeframe Analysis

The daily timeframe shows that the market has fulfilled the down Fibonacci. That means the price has hit a level where we expect it to U-turn toward a bullish rally. As I said, it’s a now or never scenario for the NQ right now.DAILY TIMEFRAME

The direction within the daily timeframe is still up


The current direction for the one-hour timeframe is up


The NQ has fulfilled the down Fibonacci. Now we wait for the U-turn

Chart the channel

The NG has fulfilled the down Fibonacci, hitting a known U-turn point. The price should begin to push through the counter trend line toward a bullish rally (long green arrow).

When the U-turn hits, we could see a nearly 7,000 tick rally to the top. That’s a significant increase and a great opportunity to make money! Let’s take a look at the one-hour timeframe to plan our entry…One-Hour Timeframe Analysis

Our entry into the NQ is pretty straightforward. We wait for the market to enter into the buy zone, confirming that the price is no longer dropping and is headed for a bullish rally. Once we see that, we’re good to go!

Chart the channel

We’re waiting for the NG to enter into the buy zone (above the diagonal grey line) so we can plan our entry.

If the price doesn’t move into the buy zone, however, we could be looking at a bearish trend for the NQ. It’s a bit surprising given the stimulus efforts the government has implemented to keep the market afloat.

Either way, we’ll be keeping an eye on the NQ.The Bottom Line

Our best strategy is to monitor the one-hour timeframe for the NQ and see if the market moves into the buy zone. If it does, we’ll be ready to jump in and take a position in the NQ as it prepares to rally nearly 7,000 ticks up!

The Bottom Line

We’ll keep an eye on the NQ and wait for that U-turn to develop

This trade is yet another example of how timeframe analysis aids us in identifying the best trades, avoiding big sell-offs, and increasing our chances of making profitable trades.

Keep On Trading,

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