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Happy Thursday, Daily Direction readers!

Today we’re searching for opportunities to trade gold futures (GC)! We’re following our timeframe charts and looking for opportunities to buy the GC.

The daily timeframe continues to move through the buy zone, indicating that the market is set to provide us long trade opportunities. The GC also broke the counter trendline in the one-hour timeframe and is now heading bullish through the buy zone.

We’ll keep looking for opportunities to buy the GC at low prices as it reaches the next price limit as long as the market stays in the buy zone.

Daily Timeframe Analysis

Looking at the GC within the daily timeframe, we can see that the market has broken through the previous down trendline and entered the buy zone. That indicates  it’s time to look for buy-in opportunities inside this market right now.

We can use the one-hour timeframe to build a strategy to trade the GC for profit as long as the market remains in the buy zone! This would be a +1,000 tick movement when everything is said and done!


The long-term direction is up for the GC


The short-term direction of the GC is up


The GC is moving through the buy zone

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Daily timeframe

Within the daily timeframe, the GC has pushed through our trendline and into the buy zone

Keep in mind that we use trendlines to determine when we should initiate a trade in certain markets. We wouldn’t be able to make such forecasts without the data provided by the trendlines. That is why it is critical to construct trendlines correctly.

One-Hour Timeframe Analysis

The GC breached the counter trendline, entered the buy zone, and is currently rising up toward our hourly limit of 1791.2!

We’ll look for buying opportunities for the one-hour period as long as the market remains in its present trend. We’ll adapt our technique to the current situation and get ready to ride the market to new highs!

One-hour timeframe

The GC broke the counter trendline and is working its way toward the top of the up channel

Also, if you’re looking to figure out what futures trading technique to utilize, have a look at what I have to offer. It’s the only way to put what I teach in the Daily Direction into practice in the real world!

The Bottom Line

As the market pushes bullish through the buy zone, it’s working its way toward the top of the channel.  This is an excellent chance to enter the gold futures market and profit while doing so.

We’re continuously looking for buying chances in this market, so we’ll be keeping a careful eye on our timeframe data!

The Bottom Line

The GC is moving bullish through the buy zone, giving us a chance to search for buying opportunities within the market

If you’re currently trading using one of my systems, you can now apply what you’ve learned to the GC market. If not, now is the moment to get in and start working toward more lucrative trades. There’s no reason you can’t start right away!

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Keep On Trading,

Mindset Advantage: Under Pressure

Most professional athletes will tell you there’s good pressure and bad pressure.

It brings clarity and focus when used properly.

Bad pressure causes you to freeze. To panic. Everything speeds up or slows down. Bad decisions get made.

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Embrace pressure… the good pressure.

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future price direction

Anticipating Future Market Price Direction

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Josh Martinez

Josh Martinez

Josh Martinez is an elite Analyst who’s been actively trading the financial markets since 2011. He’s known as one the leading innovative traders in this industry due to his his cutting-edge strategies.

Josh first burst into the scene when he took an initial deposit investment of $500 and turned into over $39,000 in just under 2 years.
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