The Long-Term Outlook for the Nasdaq

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We’re taking a look at the Nasdaq 100 futures market (NQ) today as we continue to watch the current selloff.

While we’re out of the NQ right now, our data shows signs of a rally in the long-term outlook.

Currently, the market is retracing off of the monthly timeframe toward a known level of U-turn.

Based on our Fibonacci sequence for our timeframe analysis, if that U-turn holds, we can expect the market to rally toward a price point of 20544. That’s a potential +26,000 tick push above the market!

Let’s take a look at the current timeframe analysis to see what we should do with the NQ:

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Monthly Timeframe Analysis

The current monthly timeframe for the NQ shows the market in a clear retracement (temporary price drop). But the market is also headed for a known U-turn point.

If that U-turn holds, the market should rally and push back into the buy zone.

Our Fibonacci data gives us a price goal of 20544. And if that trend holds when the U-turn hits, we’re talking about a +26,000 tick rally above the current market!

Remember that tick rallies are how we make money. We buy at low prices within a rally and sell once we hit our limit.

Even though we’re currently out of the market, we’ll want to keep an eye on our timeframe charts, so we don’t miss the rally in the NQ.

And though we’re still looking at the daily timeframe, we’ll stay out of the market until we see it move back into the buy zone.


The long-term direction is up for the NQ


The short-term direction for the NQ is down


We’re waiting for the NQ to hit a known point of U-turn

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Daily timeframe
The NQ is retracing within the monthly timeframe toward a known U-turn. If the U-turn holds, we could see a major market rally

Once the market pushes into the buy zone again, we’ll use our strategy to look for long opportunities in the NQ.

We’re also watching another important indicator called a down Gartley. A down Gartley is simply a down Fibonacci within an overall upward trend. It’s a great tool that helps us pinpoint future U-turns. Check out my free articles for more information about how Fibonacci sequences work.

According to our down Gartley, the NQ could fall as low as 12282.5 before rebounding and pushing bullish.

The Bottom Line

Even though we’re out of the NQ right now, we’re watching our timeframe charts and looking for an upcoming rally.

Once the market falls to/near the 12282.5 down Fibonacci, the market is likely to rally back into the buy zone.

And as soon as the trend is established, we can expect a +26,000 tick push toward the next price limit of 20544.

Until that happens, we’ll avoid additional risk by staying away from the NQ until we see our next U-turn.

The Bottom Line
The daily timeframe for the NQ shows the market still in a sell-off toward the down Fibonacci of 12282.5

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