When Charts & Events Work Together

Good Friday, Traders!

Before we get going on how we periodically trade events and chart analysis for great gain opportunities, I want to remind you about our newest service that gears up the returns on already great futures contract trades.

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Now, let’s look at how we can trade events and technical chart analysis together for great gain opportunities like we just did with one of the globe’s must-have technical product patent companies.

Events & Charts

Charts contain all the trading information on a market or a stock. Price and volume reflect all of the known and generally expected developments on the fundamental front.

And if we can tie in chart information to specific events for a market or a stock, then we can actually get even more information from charts and their embedded trading patterns that can set up great trades.

This is exactly what we did this past week with one of the globe’s leading technology companies with a particular focus on wireless technologies.

QUALCOMM Inc. (QCOM) is a primary developer of wireless technologies and components that span traditional CDMA (code-division multiple access), ODFMA (orthogonal frequency division multiple access), LTE (long-term evolution) as well as 5G (fifth generation including NR, New Radio) technologies.

It was setting up last week for a trading opportunity that was reflecting the company’s earnings and guidance, which only made our research on it all the more compelling.

So, inside my premium trading service, Josh’s Top 5, we made it a prime bonus trade idea.

The company not only reported a surge in sales for the last fiscal quarter at 41% but guided for the current fiscal quarter for even more gains despite chip and supply chain woes.

QCOM Trade & Chart Setup

Inside my premium trading service, Josh’s Top 5, we have been tracking QCOM and its stock with an eye towards trading profits.

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Here’s how QCOM was setting up for a trade on the daily and hourly chart…

QCOM Price & Technical Analysis – Source: TradingView

The price yesterday soared by nearly 9% on the news that we saw coming in our chart analysis.

And this continues our profit objective of $165.05 with a support level of $122.73.

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P.S. My colleague Anthony Speciale here at Traders Agency continues to work diligently on trading ideas behind the scenes in the petroleum market. And these ideas have the ability to set up a “pipeline” of profits…

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Josh Martinez

Josh Martinez

Josh Martinez is an elite Analyst who’s been actively trading the financial markets since 2011. He’s known as one the leading innovative traders in this industry due to his his cutting-edge strategies.

Josh first burst into the scene when he took an initial deposit investment of $500 and turned into over $39,000 in just under 2 years.
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